My art reflects inner feelings that I cannot access with analytic thought.  They are revealed through the color, shape, tone and texture choices that I make on an instinctive, intuitive level. Although intuition drives my imagination, I still rely on linear, logical thinking when I confront questions of space and composition.  To successfully integrate the analytical with unconscious, free-flowing intuition, a carefully orchestrated dance must take place between the two.

As I dig deeper into the creative process of painting, I am continually searching for novel ways to orchestrate that dance. I have discovered that when I listen to audiobooks while I paint, I am able to enhance brain function in the areas activated during both those tasks, more so than if the tasks are done separately.  In other words, I find that I paint more expressively and I process literature more comprehensively when I do the two activities at the same time.  But more importantly, by forcing both regions of my brain to work together, the integration of the intuitive and the logical becomes organic.

It is the spirit of adventure and discovery in the artistic process that draws me to painting, just as it drew me to scientific research many years ago. I have found other similarities in the creative processes of art and science: both involve risk-taking and rule breaking, and both require that dance.  As a visual artist, unlike as a scientist, I am willing to take the risk of being guided by imagination.  I can let my sense of calm and balance, movement and energy inform me, even though I am left without the proper words to describe my intent.


Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA. Solo Show, May 2015

Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA. Solo Show, February 2012

Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA. Solo Show, December 2009

Tria Gallery, New York, NY. Group Show, June 2008

Three Graces Gallery, Portsmouth, NH. Group Show, September 2007

Cache Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA. Solo Show, October 2006

Mellon Gallery, Arcadia, CA. Group Show, July 2004

The Coronet Theatre, West Hollywood, CA. Group Show, June 2004

The Townsend Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Group Show, March 2004

Restaurant Lozano, Sierra Madre, CA. Solo Show, November 2003

CMg Design Studio, Pasadena, CA. Solo Show, June 2000